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Jerry was an outstanding guide in helping me decide on LTC. His knowledge and honesty in providing me with the best option for me was very impressive and appreciated. If you are looking for a great guide, Jerry is your guy!

Janet Washburn and Tracy Gonzalez

Congratulations on successfully completing LTC Financial Partners’ agent education class on “How to Conduct Consumer Long Term Care Education On-Line.” Today more than ever, consumers are challenged with their schedules but still want to find time to receive objective education in the comfort of their home with just the click of a link. Thanks for adding value to the class with your participation.

Ruth Pinkowski

It was wonderful meeting with Jerry last night. He was both honest and personable and was able to engage both my husband and myself in useful conversation. If we were unsure about this process before meeting with him, he made things so much clearer and was very available to answer all questions that we had. He is very knowledgeable about the Long Term Care process and we received what we needed to begin applying. Thank you again, Jerry.

Eric S.

I knew LTC was something which my wife and I needed to consider in the next 2-3 years. Jerry's presentation and patience for calls and meetings helped us realize that we could get into an affordable product sooner. It feels good to have taken a step now to have some coverage. I admit that now having a Health Spending Account (HSA) through my work insurance helps. We can pay the premium with HSA pre-tax dollars. Regardless of that, everyone needs to do something while they can.


Jerome is very knowledgeable about long term care. He helped me understand my options and what might be the best fit. Thank you for taking time to work with me!

gene c

Jerry- Your understanding of the different carriers not just in premiums & benefits, but in underwriting requirements, is quite impressive. To know how and when to place a couple with different carriers when warranted, requires both knowledge of all resources available, and the full confidence and co-operation of clients coming to terms with a challenging subject. It's no wonder they suggest other family members consider your advice.

Kirk Jensen

Great article ("Long Term Care - Wrong Name for the Right Product") Jerry! We get through our days by being optimistic, so we are programmed to deny that we will ever need this, but clearly most of us will. You offer a much more acceptable perspective to consider this risk. Though I'm still expecting to get through life without needing "TLC", personally, I'm glad for the peace of mind of having a policy, just in case.

Lydia Rivera-Abrams

Hi Jerry! Just a note to thank you for an insightful experience as I became informed about the concept of Long Term Care options.


Saturday 8.11.12 @ 10:28 Hello Jerry...Thank you for taking the time to speak with me this morning, reviewing my long term care policy. The infomation was very helpful, and I will speak to my future husband about Long Term Care benefits. I would like for him to see the benefits. I will also mention this to my sons. Once again thanks.


Hi Jerry, Thanks so much for meeting with us yesterday. We appreciate all the information you gave us. Thanks so much for taking the time. You were very professional and understanding.

Paul & Judy McGinnis

Believe it or not, dealing with Long Term care was a pleasurable experience w/ Jerry. Very informative, no pressure to purchase with follow up on our own time.
Jerry was an outstanding guide in helping me decide on LTC. His knowledge and honesty in providing me with the best option for me was very impressive and appreciated. If you are looking for a… Read More


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